A surprise for me is a surprise for you!

i love when coworkers bring me in surprises and just leave them on my desk.  It’s like they are challenging me to make something with it, or daring me to make something.  Oh you know I will.  

Today I found this sitting on my desk.  Stuff them?  Roast them? 



Repeat and try again!

  I had to try making mussels with whiskey cream again.  The first time left something lacking.  This time I cooked the mussels separately from the whiskey cream, rather than together.  And added a cup of whiskey.  And instead of sliced shallots, I used green onions.  MUCH better!!  I invited my mom over to sample them.  She agrees; much better.  

Some times you need to try things a second time to make sure you got it right.  Such as a strawberry rhubarb crumb with whiskey butter.  No, I don’t have a thing for whiskey.  This is highly coincidental but I digress.  I’ve had strawberry rhubarb crumb with whiskey butter, but it needed a little more… A little ‘something ‘… I’ll figure it out.

I am not Molly Malone…

Although I do like mussels and cockles!  Scratch that!  I like mussels, never had a cockle, although I am certain I’d try one if I got my hands on one.  A few nights ago I made a heaping batch of mussels in a whiskey cream sauce.  Since then, I have been thinking I could perfect that recipe just a tad.  It was missing a few things.  I used shallots, when I think green onions would have been better.  The cream didn’t thicken when I think it could have been just a bit.  Also, I didn’t have enough whiskey, which is what I thought brought it down just a little bit.

In less than two weeks, my 14-year old daughter and I are taking a worldwind tour of Europe (London, Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, Edinburgh).  I’m looking for unique foods or cookbooks while there.  I lived in Germany back in 1992, but didn’t travel around as much as I would have liked.  Now is my chance to explore and make new memories.  If you have a favorite place to eat in any of those places, drop me a note!

I scream, you scream… you know the rest!

I love ice cream!  But the flavors haven’t been what they used to be.  I still have only two favorite kinds and I always try new ones, but am always disappointed.  If you went to my fridge right now, you’d find at least 3 pints of abandoned ice cream flavors.

Candied Bacon Ice CreamSo what’s a girl to do?  A girl that likes to cook might find herself making her own flavors, something unusual but still refreshing, as ice cream was meant to be.  You have your traditionals:  Blueberry-Lemon ice cream, but then I went for something savory too.  Candied Bacon ice cream.  Salty, creamy, yummy….  do I need to go on?
I recently found a recipe I need to try for ‘Olive Oil Ice Cream with Rosemary and Bitter Orange’.  This is something that is begging to be made.  But first, I need to make Rhubarb Ice Cream.  Seems straightforward and easy to make.

Some people have a calling…

No, I’m not talking about religon, I’m talking about cooking.  I find a lot of faith in my cooking, it relaxes me, calms me and makes me happy.  I can’t really remember when I really WANTED to cook, it was just always there.  Somedays the mood just strikes me and I go find a recipe and make it.

Fried Green TomatoesThe one I remember that struck me first was after watching the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”.   You actually eat green tomatoes?  But you fry them first?  So I went out in search of green tomatoes, easy enough find.  Crispy, crunchy, oh-so yummy with some lemon aioli.

Where to start?

Several years ago, I was told I needed to start a cooking blog.  I brushed it off thinking ‘Blogs are for hipsters’.   And never thought about it again; seriously what would I do with a blog?  But then again, it’s an outlet for me to share.  I love to share.  Lucky you!

I never went to culinary school, but I did have a teacher.  My mom is the best cook I know, but she argues that I cook better than she does.  I’ve told her a few times that we need to open a basic cooking school (think: adult education), she agrees but then nothing happens.  Mom was a home ecomonics major, and started to teach me how to cook when I was about 10 years old.  By the time I was 14, I was baking my own birthday cakes (I said it was because I wanted to make sure I got the kind of cake I wanted).  Add 30 years onto that and you got what you see before you.  I have NO qualms about what I cook.  I am not vegan, I am not low-fat and I don’t pretend to be.  I enjoy decent food, even if it isn’t healthy, but that doesn’t mean I will refuse a decent vegan meal.  Don’t get me wrong, I simply love food.